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Build an ecommerce website with Gatsby.js

Build an ecommerce website with Gatsby.js

This tutorial will show you how to build an e-commerce app using Gatsby.js and Shopify. Also show you how build simple an e-commerce website with Stripe.

Who are we ?

Alexis Lepresle is full stack web developer based in France. He is a 20 year old entrepreneur. Passionate about web development and entrepreneurship. I’ve done freelance since I’ve been 18 years old. I specialize in React.js and Node.js in the world of E-commerce. I work mainly with Gasbyjs, Reaction Commerce, Shopify, and Big Commerce.

Joshua Aragon is a front end web developer based in USA. He has been Programming since he was 17 years old and orignally started in Web and mobile development. He currently works in web development.