I'm Alexis Lepresle 20 years old entrepreneur studying in France, majoring in computer technology.

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I have been freelancing since 2018. I love being present on Instagram. Where I share my life as a young entrepreneur and web developer. I also share my projects on Github. I'm also present on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Ever since I was young, around twelve to thirteen years old I wanted to create my own business. At the time I wanted to create an e-commerce site. So I preferred to put the idea aside, since I was too young to do it. So I created a high-tech blog with my best friends. We have posted over one-hundred articles about new technologies.

I then wanted to improve the blog so I started to change the templates and then I came across articles / tutorials on "How to create a website from A to Z". So that's where I started to get into web development and wrote my first lines of code. I spent a little over two years learning web development before releasing my first blog on the internet, that I made in HTML, CSS and PHP.

Around sixteen I started learning Javascript and Jquery. I really liked using Jquery and then got my first official project from an association. It was my first contact with "a customer" and this made me even more motivated to continue.

A year later, I still had the idea in mind to create my personal business, but my parents advised me to wait, and that I was too young and that it would be too hard to be in school and have a business at the same time. I decided to wait, but I still created the future website for my company. I was going to start the business when I had my first project order. In September 2017 a company contacted me and that’s when my freelance adventure started.

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2018 was full of change for me.

Early 2018, I decided to start an instagram account with the goal of sharing my life as a web developer every day without fail for a year. It was a big challenge for me. I had the determination to succeed and that’s what brought me a community of 20,000 followers by the end of 2018.

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With the desire to succeed in 2018, I wanted to learn something new. I discovered React.Js, thanks to Anthony Welc's Youtube videos. It was my biggest turning point as a web developer for me. I decided to focus all my work on this technology. I later discovered SASS, Gatsby.js and Bulma. I started using Github to put my projects, Netlify to deploy my websites as well as its CMS to create blogs or to modify pages easily from an interface, the Snipcart tool to realize e-commerce sites and Firebase to make authentication pages.

I had lots of projects that I really wanted to achieve with my new skills. And I learned a lot from watching Anthony’s videos. Practice was the most important in my learning process.

2018 was a very important year for me and I succeeded because I knew how to define my objectives and endure to the end.

In 2019, my goal is to specialize in e-commerce with Reaction Commerce, Big Commerce and Shopify and other technologies.